In the summer of 2002, we began with twelve 5-6 year-olds. We played basketball as part of the Royal Ambassadors, a youth organization from Union Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina.  Since then we have grown in size and scope and are now called the Durham Hurricanes Youth Athletic Association, Inc, a non profit organization.  Our teams' interests include basketball, baseball, soccer, flag football, track and field, and cheerleading.

Our organization motto is "Creating Teams and Building Friendships" and we strongly believe that through sports we can build relationships that will last a lifetime.

The Durham Hurricanes is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide children ages 5 and up an opportunity to play sports in a competitive, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere. It is our belief that participation in sports enhances every area of youth development.

We believe that through sports, we can build stronger youth, stronger families, and stronger communities. Specifically, teamwork and good sportsmanship are life-long skills that our youth will develop. Parent involvement will also be critical, as it will provide positive role-models for our youth, while cementing our belief that athletics enhances self-esteem and emotional development. Thus, our vision for this organization is to create teams and build friendships that last a lifetime. We believe that having the same players, families and coaches year-after-year will give everyone involved a sense of consistency and stability.The Durham hurricanes strongly recommends that all parents, coaches and volunteers read the Standard Operating Procedures for our organization.  The SOP is to insure that all our parents, coaches and volunteer adhere to policies and rules established by our board members.  Violation of the rules and policies could result in expulsion from the organization.

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Above are the members of our very first 12 member 5-6 year team from the summer of 2002.  Referred to as "The Founding Fathers", they represent the dream of a few dads who just wanted coach their sons and provide an opportunity to others who wanted to play sports in competitive and nourishing environment.  Since then, our organization has grown to over 14 teams and more than 130 athletes  (adults, left to right) Dexter Williams, board member, Dr. Brad Collins, coach and board member, Robert Sinclair, President and coach, Harold Bagley, coach and board member.  (players, left to right) Seve Williams, Carter Collins, Pryce Sinclair, Joshua and Aaron Bagley.

Creating Teams and Building Friendships!

Durham Hurricane Committments

Jalen Johnson, 6'6,G/F, Wesleyan Christian Academy, Class of 2016

Committed to The University of Tennessee

Carter Collins, 6'1, PG, East Chapel High, Class of 2017
Committed to Davidson

Clay Watkins, 6'9, C, East Chapel High, Class of 2017

Committed to Guilford College

Trey Murphy, 6'5, SG, Cary Academy High, Class of 2018

Committed to Rice University

Darius Robinson, 6'7, PF, Northern High School, Class of 2018
Committed to Roanoke College

Jalen Johnson, 6'0, PG, Northern High School, Class of 2018
Committed to Lenoir-Rhyne University

Jordan Love, 6'5 SG, Voyager Academy High School, Class of 2018
Committed to Southeast Missouri State University

Justin Tucker, 6'5 SG, East Chapel Hill High School, Class of 2018
Committed to Swarthmore College

Bryant Randleman, 6'4 PG, Durham Academy, Class of 2019

Committed to High Point University

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